Geeky Question about Macs

is there a way to get menu items on a Mac to always load in the same order? I hate the fact I have to search around the menu bar to look for the appropriate one.

You can re-arrange them by cmd-click dragging. Then there is…

It is brilliant


I’ve been using bartender for some time now and like the ability to have more than one menubar to reduce clutter

I"ll try it out and thanks :)

I’ve used Bartender for quite a while, I’m on v3 now and I rind it a really useful utility and certainly reduces the clutter in the menu bar.

These “Geeky” type of Apps are one of the few really good things that remain about using Macs. They can really make a difference to your work flow and I am sure that we all have a selection of them that we would miss if they were not available.

Ive downloaded it and its just what I wanted!!! Im surprised I had not come across it before. Its great. Thanks everyone for your replies :)

Recommended! It’s one of only 3 utilities I let auto-start when I boot up.
And like RapidWeaver, this one also comes with Setapp.

My favorite bit: it lets you hide a bunch of menu-thingies that you only need access to once in a while.
I can’t stand visual clutter – my messy desk notwithstanding – so being able to hide those things out of the way is a great thing, at least for me.

Thanks, guys! Off to their store now. I’d be interested in which other two you allow, @isaiah, if you care to share.

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