Giving an update URL is a stack's plist file

I have just completed a .devstack that works nice. I would like to publish it as a good stacks citizen.

Specifically, I would like to give update info in the stack’s plist. However, I am completely lost when it comes to configure the Sparkle Appcast URL. I have looked at some stacks and the URL points to a php file, which does not really help me. Moreover, the link given in the Stacks API guide at /keys/SUFeedURL/ · Stacks API does not work.

Can somebody give me some pointers to where I could find useful info on that?

I have downloaded the sparkle project from GitHub and there is a file named SampleAppcast.xml in it, however I do not know if it is useful and how to edit it, assuming this the right file to use.


Here’s one public example:

Thanks a lot, Jannis. I will look into that.