Good online explanation about changing website providers?

Anyone know of a good online explanation of what happens when you move from a website provider to another? I’m talking about things like domains, emails, servers etc.

I’m going to create my own page for it, as I’m spending far too much time going over the same things over and over again with new clients, but I thought `I’d see what is out there first.

You mean…

I thought about doing this - but after a bit of research binned it. Things change to often, it’ll be out of date in a week. Then you’ll be forever updating it. Even registrars, hosting companies can’t keep up with their own shit!! Way to many variables.

My two cents!

Ya, good point well made, but I’ve started banging something out:

It’s not really meant to be a concise guide, more an overview, that I can point people too when they send me repetitive annoying emails.

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Is this a 911 video?

@steveb a good analogy that non combatants can understand is mobile phones, the number is the domain name, the physical phone is the site and the provider is the host.
You can move the number (domain name) from provider (host) to provider (host) and it can be pointed at different phones(sites).

Another analogy can be used for DNS, you can give someone the lat/long (ip address) of a location but it’s far easier to give them a street address (domain name). The relationship between lat/long and a street address is a map, the relationship between an IP address and domain name is a/the DNS.
For everyone to be able to find a specific street address it needs to be marked on lots of maps, for everyone to be able to find an iP address (site) it’s domain name needs to be listed/propagated across lots of DNS servers.

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Thanks for that analogy Paul, I’ve given that section a rewrite.

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