Good web gradient generator search

I can seem to find a good web gradient generator anymore. Some of my bookmarked sites don’t work anymore.

Can anyone recomend a good one?

@Webdeersign for some reason, I couldn’t post a reply in the “Resources” section. Perhaps I’m not allowed.

Anyway, here are a couple of resources for gradients. and


Many thanks. The coolbackgrounds one is exceptional. I should have emphasised that i was looking for one where you can create your own gradient. I had bookmarked the uigradients one and I was sure it used to be able to do that but doesn’t allow that now, or more likely I just confused it with another similar site.



@Marten any idea?


Have you see Joe Workman’s Wallpaper stack? Loads of gradients there and background patterns.

Developers can post in there, though…

Yes, but Wallpaper just appears to load up pre configured SVG gradients or BGs. What I am looking for is a CSS Gradient generator that can generate the actual gradient code to paste into any of the BWD sites that accept gradient code for backgrounds. This gives you full control to use any gradient and is super light and quick and is a far better way to use gradients…

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Another good option:

Is good for generating colour palettes too.


Thanks all. I shall add all of these into the Resources as a source of gradient generators links.


This has some nice and very different effects:

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Excellent. Thanks

Here’s another good one: