Google Analytics question

I’ve created a new page on our Intranet that deals with how the Coronavirus is impacting our business. Our leadership would like to know how often the page has been visited. But, GA is showing something I’ve not seen before (second line in the screenshot).

There are basically two ways to get to the page:

  1. Through the main navigation
  2. By clicking on an infographic on our main homepage. This is the way I anticipate most people are getting to the page

So, based on what GA is showing - can someone decipher what the second entry means? If it equals people clicking on the TopBar link to access the page, why would entry 3 (the actual page) not equal or exceed the number of clicks?

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Guessing a query string, for the second entry?

Would it be better to specify a canonical URL for the page, so 2 and 3 would report the same address and no queries, however generated, are counted separately?

That’s the weird thing. Both addresses (pull down TopBar navigation) and the infographic both show https:/www… And, I have a rule in htaccss that enforces everything to https and www.

So far as I know, these are the only two ways to reach the page (other than direct, but leadership hasn’t put the URL into an email…yet).