Google Analytics

My client has a google account lineked to the RW site I made her.

She wants analytics… Im a bit out of touch!

I asked her to send over the Google Analytics code.
She sent over a Google tag code

THis looks different to what I have seen before.
Is it ok!?

Probably the verification code to prove you are linked to the site.

There might be some illumination here -

“Google Tag Manager” allows you to wrap several different codes through one “Tag Manager” Code. It’s really cool, you can have all your Google Analytics, Google ads and pretty much any “3rd party code” wrapped in one “tag code”. That way when a client (or you) want to update any tracking code, they don’t need to touch the website at all, just update their “Tag Manager Dashboard”

Here is a list of supported 3rd party tags - Supported tags - Tag Manager Help

There should be 2 pieces to the code - a “script” code that goes into the “head” of each page, and a “noscript” code that goes into the “body” of each page