Google and apostrophes

This is really odd, and I’ve never seen it before.

If you search for “Jim’s Guides” the site I manage appears first page. For me it’s number three, might be different for you, but should still be first page.

If you search for “Jims Guides” the site is nowhere, at least not top fifteen.

I always understood Google didn’t differentiate things like this, so either they now do (weird!), or there is some deeper issue?

Opinions welcome!

Oh, by the way, the site is

Number three here. See attached.

Aha! Well that’s even odder then. But good to know. Thanks.

EDIT: Just checked and it’s there for me too.

it’s either a case of Google having a senior moment. Or me.

Monies on the latter to be honest ;-)

Thanks Rob.

I see the same results as Rob.

However on the first linked page I don’t see anything that I can label as Jim’s Guides. Also the Google results seems to point to Jim’s Guide and some of these pages go to Jim’s Guidebook.

It might be more clear to label all of the pages with the same title such as “Jim’s guides - a complete guide to living in Spain”

Jim’s Guides sounds potentially a bit dodgy, as in Jim’s Girl Guides.

To the people who will Google Jim’s (or Jims) guides it all makes sense.

My question wasn’t really about seo, but why for me at least there were different results without the apostrophy.

I had same experience the other day with one of my clients site. Next day it was back to normal…

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Glitch in the matrix then.

Google is the Matrix

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Only when you see a black cat crossing - twice.