Google ReCaptcha is asking me to identify Cross Walks - WTF?

Whenever I visit a certain French business (Decathlon) with UK stores, using their UK web site, and I sign into my account which I have done several times, I am shown a series of images and asked to identify images with Cross Walks.

This demonstrates the very worst of ReCaptcha.

WTF is a Cross Walk? Is it a Zebra crossing or a designated place to cross a road (sorry highway) or someone committing the act of Cross Walking or something else. The phrase Cross Walk is meaningless in that place we sometime refer to as the rest of the world. Partly the issue is that Google’s alleged AI is not yet or ever accepting my authenticity to proceed to my account and partly that an assumption that my location is being ignored or assumed to be in a land where Cross Walks are a thing.

I should say that in Googles defence, other sites that I use with ReCatptcha don’t throw up these awful image selection puzzles and that a decision is made that I am safe and can proceed without puzzles.


…and the Uber self driving car that killed the lady was not expecting pedestrians to be “jay walking”

  1. Ridiculous
  2. We can walk wherever we want and have the right of way - WATCH OUT!
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