Great LockUps — recreating the classics with the LockUp stack

I’ve just posted a tutorial/demonstration recreating Herb Lubalin’s classic 1965 masthead for ‘Mother & Child’ magazine with the LockUp stack. It shows some of the ways of working with LockUp to create precise effects, including using a template, building up a design with multiple layers, and mixing text and SVGs.


That is really amazing James. Beautiful, I love it. Good to have a tutorial or two, your stack is a bit daunting when looking at it the first time. I almost got scared the first time I looked at it 😅

Thanks, Kent !

I tried to pack in lots of features but really the core of LockUp is that it lets you create a space and position things (text, images, svgs, other stacks) accurately in it, each element on a separate layer. I was doing this in Source Grid, making grid elements that were on top of each other, and specifying the position with css using the coder stack and thought “I’m sure this could be done more easily in a stack…” 😃 Moving two elements into a particular relationship was something that had had me tearing my hair out for years, and I didn’t believe it needed to be so difficult! Source Grid was a big step forward, but editing code in a RW Edit Mode window has always been a nightmare.

@ jamessouttar
Hi James!, just want to let you know that I’m still waiting the download link… Thank you!

Fitz, not sure what is happening here — I sent the link to you manually on Monday. Have you checked your spam folder? Anyway, I’ll send you the stack as an email attachment now.