Great New Platform

I’ve been working on a new platform for the past couple of weeks.

What a breath of fresh air; the build process is very fast and easy, it is super stable and my site is so much more manageable.

It just goes to show how using the best tools for the job can save so much time and frustration - don’t be afraid of change.



And we all are interested which platform you now use.


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Quality product from 🇩🇪




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… is from Italy…

I’ve seen it, it’s impressive. Super solid looking and so modular you’d expect it to have wheels!

By the looks of it addons can be bolted to the framework super easy and the potential for expansion is limitless.

I’d say it’d tower over RW with ease.

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Does it work with Fluid?

I wouldn’t do so as a matter of personal safety.

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If memory serves correct, I saw Blue Ball tweets yesterday referring to new projects with Sparkle and Everweb (Rage Software). And, I know he’s been dabbling with Blocs.

What is it? Are you making stuff for it?

I read up some more on that link you showed me, there are containers available for things like fluid, making it entirely self contained, so perfectly safe to use.

You all speak in riddles 🕵🏻‍♂️


Why was the picture sent to jail?

Because it was framed! Boom boom.

I’ll get my coat

Sounds like a new duck viewing platform with snap on scaffolding poles. It has been a while since any decent injury, so maybe it’s something to fall off.

Well, since you now have opened the Box of Pandora for the current platform and told us about the shining new haven for webdesign - you can at least tell us which platform it is …

Who mentioned web design?