Grid Iron 3 not working in responsive mode - SOLVED

Hej I have this problem with grid iron 3, that it does not show the controls for showing the remaining fields in responsive mode (I needed to add). Neither on a desktop computer nor a mobile device.

What could cause this?

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Have you been in touch with @barchard about this? He’d be best placed to help.

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Hej Rob, sorry it was either an issue with the google sheet or a new server I installed the site on. I do not know what was the issue, but the next day it worked, I did not do anything, so some kind of cache issue on the server I suspect. I made an administrative site for a bakery, and when it was on my own server, the Google sheets worked fine. The issue arose when moving the pages displaying the data from those spreadsheets. Also sorry for not updating my question with my findings.

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