Grid Plus Category filter

How can I set up a source button link that, on the same page or even better from another page, takes me to view the results of a category filter in the grid, for example in Botanist, the “Homes” category.

Example in the Botanist project I want to put a button on the FAQ page that takes me to HOME and displays the “Homes” category.

It’s possible to do it?
Thank you.

Not sure if this would work but try this:

Add an anchor to the Grid Plus, such as anchor1. Create your link from the other page but add /#anchor1 after the link url so that you can jump from another page to the top of the Grid Plus. Test this works first.

Then also add the class of Homes in the link dialog box.

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…They should be Radio Buttons…

check out this blog post to see if it helps. it shows how you can set the filter via the url. this should work in conjunction with an anchor link if you want to bring the section into view.


wowwww it’s amazing…
It works great, I can switch from one page to the page where the grid resides and display the desired category.
I have already published and it is wonderful both the operation and the simplicity of how it works.
Thanks, thanks again.


It’s a really good feature that doesn’t get talked about much. Glad you have it configured to work the way you wanted.


@Gianluca Interested in how this turned out.

Do you have a live page where I can see it?

/ Henrik

I can’t give the link because it’s a site run by primary school children, where they put their graphics, video and theater works, they manage it themselves via RW.

However you can see the working here from STH:

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Just to chime in here — Webdeersign has a lovely example of the grid filter designed in his Project23. See here: PROJECT23

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Good find:)

The filter demo page is Project23 for RapidWeaver Stacks Source by Webdeersign

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I also use it in the blog page of my Blue Cyclops project file. This is a fully Source built blog and the ‘tags’ in the individual posts utilise the url filter function to return the user to the blog list page and filter to their chosen tag/topic.

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If anyone is interested I have just implemented Grid Filter on the following page - quick and easy set-up too!! [Discretionary Investment Fund Manager Video Updates]