GVT1.com? blah blah blah

LS just blocked this, never seen it before. Googling it brings up the usual shite ranging from “it’s a virus, you’re going to die” to “it’s Google, you’re still going to die, but most likely not today”.

The LS database has nothing on it, which is unusual if it really is part of Google.

I blocked it, anyone else seen it?

What is LS?

Little Snitch.

It’s Google - https://www.whois.com/whois/gvt1.com

Didn’t think to check that. Thanks.

Still blocking it though.

Have you forgotten the pills today?

When your carer arrives, suggest that they either unblock the Little Snitch rule or just avoid visiting the site with the mousey.

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Visiting what site?

No idea. You just said Googling it.

Now who sounds like they’re not taken their meds?

It’s apparently a url uses for Chrome updates, nothing evil, or at least nothing more evil than Chrome:

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