Hamburger menu that changes to nave bar on scrolling

Hi all. I would like to emulate the navigation style on BWDs Joey overview page:

To summarise, the menu starts with a hamburger menu button which allows focus to be on the top banner. However as you scroll down a sticky nav bar appears.


The BWD menu itself is made using the forthcoming MenuLab stacks but the scroll appearance of the main menu is simply done with Chroma Pro.

Basically, it is a Chroma with a menu and a hamburger in it. The menu is set to be hidden until the first chroma marker is encountered. It could be replicated in many ways but the main menu could be a Foundation TopBar, a Foundry Nav Bar, a MagicGellan2 or one of the other menu bar stacks available. The burger menu component could be done with a PopDrop Menu, a Limelight Menu or any other burger / overlay menu that is capable of being set to static position (this is important as it must be Chroma that does the fixed position).


Great thanks - I’ll take a look