Hard drive erased

ok I thought I had this covered it seems not as easy as when I did it 4 years ago.
RW downloaded and have serial
Stacks downloaded but only upgrade serial
No stacks purchased are showing
No themes are showing

Have dropped in the RW related files from the library>application support and pref files in Library >Preferences

But where are the stacks and themes kept now , I’m on RW 8.03

please and thank you

RapidWeaver 8 > Reavel Addons Folder from the menu.

Your themes, styles, snippets and stacks are sorted into separate folders.

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ok thanks .
Im sure they’re all in time machine but quite how to get the correct folders back into RW is bit above me this time.

Ive found the folders in time machine and replaced them in the Group containers , I have the stacks now ( except The main Stacks 3 which needs the serial , which ive had to ask Yourhead for , I only kept the upgrade serial ) but now lost all my themes !!! so maybe I over wrote the wrong folders.Group_Containers|690x333 ng folder somewhere.

Christi our support person can look up your serial for you, but there’s also an automatic retrieval system. There’s a link at the bottom of every page on the YourHead.com website. And here’s the direct link: http://yourhead.com/serial


Also, if you need any other help getting things back in order, don’t hesitate to ask. Christi is very patient and explains things well. Good luck, hopefully you’re back and designing really soon. :-)


thank you , I found the stacks one serial code last nite at 11.30 ! only had the upgrade serial at first .wrote an email to them explaining.
So I believe the RW is almost back to what it was now . can’t quite say the same for all my other software !

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