Has anyone heard much about this?

This keeps cropping up on my Facebook feed. Has anyone got any experience/thoughts on it? Seems pretty feature packed an easy to use - https://breakdance.com/

@Bazza thanks, It looks very interesting but I don’t know it.

I have been an Elementor pro user for years, today all my sites are up to date and secure.
I wonder if this company will be reliable in 2030, as Elementor has been reliable to me over the years

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Interesting point as it illustrates that a good product alone is not enough.

I’m only looking at this as Go CMS is no longer in development, Rapidcart looks in the same situation and RW/Stacks is in a state of uncertainty to say the least…

To stay with RW I’ll need to spend c£100 on a blogging platform, whatever Stacksapp costs or whatever RW Elements costs ad I still come up light in the e-commerce functionality.

It’s an almost identical situation if I go the Blocs route. :-(

The problem with tools like this, is that all sites created by them look alike. Especially if you use the predefined blocks of content like they do in that video.

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They have a stack of templates that you can use that all look different and if you want to delve deeper, you can do so. Not sure if it offers the compete flexibility compared to others, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

It’s the same people who make Oxygen Builder. That was available for a one-off purchase price, whereas this is a subscription. There was quite the kerfuffle when Breakdance was announced with some users fearing that it meant the end of Oxygen - thus far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The few sites I build these days are all in Oxygen because at this stage of my ‘career’ I like the idea of handing a finished site over to a client and letting them get on with it going forwards; or using one of the gazillion WordPress people out there, rather than having to keep coming back to me.

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I thought there was some connection. That makes it a bit more appealing as Oxygen has more of a track record.