Has Micheal @Yuzool left the scene?

Micheal from @yuzool is jow rather conspicuous by his total absence! No coomrnts here for a while and it seems he’s not been near his own support forum for nearly a month now.

I know he travels a bit but he’s never mormslly gone this quiet.

Is he alright? Or just left the scene, etc?

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He is alright and was just on vacation.

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That man has more holidays than me!

Good to hear it’s all good.

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To his credit- he answered a question about Navigation yesterday or the day before. 😉

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Thanks for your concern @steveb - I’m still here 🤪

I’m just back from a short vacation and keeping my head down trying to complete the SCA updates for Checkout Stack. It’s quite a mind boggle!

And focusing on that to get it out as soon as possible before the 14th September deadline…


And there is your answer as to where’s he’s been.


I’m looking at adding Apple Pay to my website, and I’m curious if anyone’s used this stack yet for that. How does Apple Pay work? Is it stripe processing it?

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Yes @SanityBox it’s on the Stripe side

Visit the demo from your iPhone (with ApplePay enabled) and you will be able to see the t-shirt come up on mobile checkout:


(you will be able to see before you actually buy it!)

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