Have you been watching the RapidWeaver Element videos?

Hey Weavers,

Just realised we’ve not posted here the past few weeks, so I thought I’d share the latest videos for those interested.

More importantly, we’d love to hear your feedback on the new Globals feature, we think it’s really powerful and is going to be a bit of a game changer, especially when combined with Custom Elements and Local Data (video coming soon)!

Anyway here’s this weeks video, along with the previous weeks video on globals below it.

Hope you’re finding these weekly updates useful, and if there’s anything you guys want to see in Elements, please let us know.

Dan & Team Realmac

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Yes, I’ve been watching them. Now stop chatting and get it finished and shipped… 😁


That’s good to hear, and I’m glad you’re looking forward to Elements. We’re working hard to get it shipped. We’ll hopefully have more news on that soon, especially for those that are watching the videos 😉


Also watching all of the videos with keen interest.

That’s great to hear, any feedback you have is always welcome!

@RapidWeaver Dan

I would be very interested to learn how Elements will handle :

  1. Sitemaps - will Elements provide for multiple sitemaps? For example to differentiate between blogs and main site pages
  2. Will sitemaps also be able to include various asset types i.e images / videos / pdfs etc

How will Elements handle structured data? - has this been considered and if so how extensive will the structured data inputs be?

While Elements will include a standard sitemap, the alpha release won’t include either of those additions. However, all of your suggestions are great, and we’ll get them added to the feature request lists!

Both sitemaps and structured data components are critical for my purposes, and I’m sure many others too who build sites for commercial use. I would therefore need these baked in prior to seriously contemplating the use of Elements.