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Hi friends. First, I’m a rank amateur. But I’ve built one VAST site and one medium one using RW stock components. They both look excellent, and they work perfectly. Now I’m trying to build a new site, and this time, I wanted to use Foundation.

My first problem, which I’ve tried to solve with no success, was to replicate the image and logo in our forum as a banner for every site page. You can see that image here:

This consists of two image files. To replicate it, I bought Target. I managed to do it on the first page I built, then copied and pasted the contents to the others. Didn’t work. In Preview, the logo sits below the sunrise image. I’ve painstakingly reproduced the successful settings to all pages, but it’s still wrong in Preview.

Now I can no longer give time to this because I want this site operational by 1 January. So can anyone recommend a replacement for Target that will do this? Or, failing that, another way to do it? I tried adding the logo to the Site Logo field in General, but Top Bar doesn’t see it.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Namaste - David.

The two image files are I assume the full width background image and the logo that sits towards the bottom left?

Question: I’ve noticed the logo doesn’t move as the screen width changes, is this a requirement on the new site?

I don’t have or use Target, although I do hear it’s very good, but that that would be extremely easy to replicate using any number of stacks.

I personally would first try using Big White Ducks Blueprint stack (“donationware” from here: https://www.bigwhiteduck.com/stacks/blueprint/) adding the main image as a background and the logo in the content area, with the offsets as required.

If that didn’t give the precise control required I’d look at SectionPro, also from Big White Duck.

Maybe I’m missing some special requirement of the header, but really it should prove too difficult to do.

If you really do just want the logo positioned over the one side and near the bottom, fire up the logo and background image and I’ll be happy to make a little project for you.

Hi steveb. Thank you so much for your kindness. I wouldn’t dream of putting you to that trouble, my friend. I’m actually a bit gob-smacked here. It seems the simple act of my describing a problem and reaching out for help has fired up aging neurons!

I’ve come up with two possible solutions, and the first definitely works. I finally figured out how to get the logo to appear in Top Bar, and it looks very acceptable when I use a transparent PNG. The second solution - if it works - will look very stylish, but may cost a little pinch of CPU on each initial page load.

I made an animated hero for the landing page where the sunrise image fades up slowly, and the curve of the sunrise then expands and glows brighter for a moment. The logo then fades up. I used Impact inside Animate for this, and for some reason I don’t yet understand, the logo is perfectly placed without using Target.

The video opener I made for a new YouTube channel “wipes” the sunrise in left to right, then does the same as the Foundation animation, and the effect is stunning.

But I didn’t want to use a video as the site banner. So my second alternative solution involves replicating the home page animation using the smaller sunrise image. It might not work, but it’s worth a try.

You’re correct that the logo doesn’t resize with page width on the forum, but that involves manual coding in XenForo, and I’m no coder, so I don’t know how to fix it. I think most of the seriously ill people we deal with tend to full-screen web-pages and forums to make scrolling easier. At any rate, we’ve had no complaints, and the banner image doesn’t appear on mobile phones anyway.

The forum offers large ZIP files for treating various diseases as well as educational and instructional materials, and these can only be used on a computer, so as long as the forum can be read and navigated on phones and tablets, and it looks clean and uncluttered, we’re not too worried about compatibility with mobile devices.

I come from a print and TV media background, and I confess I find a great deal about HTML utterly unintuitive and frankly baffling.

Thank you again for your kind advice and offer, made at seriously impressive speed.

Namaste - David.

@DavidBourke Check your direct messages - I sent you a project file a while ago with it done.

Hi tav. Thank you for your extraordinary kindness. I’ve replied to your direct message.

Namaste - David.

I just wanted to comment on this. If you want the same thing on all pages (like a menu) then you should look into using stack Partials. Using Partials allows you to place the same content in multiple places and be able to edit a single instance of the partial and have all all the other pages with that content use the updated version. If you just copy and paste something from page to page and later want to tweak it, you’d need to go back and re-copy it everywhere you used it unless you use Partials.

Intro to paritals:

See the Partials section here for details:

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Hi DLH. Thank you so much for this helpful advice. I confess I don’t get time these days to read guides as I used to due to pressure of work - sickness never sleeps or takes holidays.

But this will save me so much time that I’ll get to it first thing in the morning. Right now it’s 2am here in Chiang Mai, and I have an early start every morning. I’m not as young or spry as I used to be, and sleep is vital for the clarity of thought I need for what I do.

Namaste - David.

Interesting to see that you’re based in Chiang Mai. I’m just 120 Km (but a 3 hour drive) away in Pai!

Hi Rob. I’m told it’s heaven up in Pai, and I intend to take a break there in the New Year so I can get head-space to finalize plans to set up our new health centre in Hong Kong before I fly out.

There’s already one operating in Ireland, and after Hong Kong is up and running, we intend to open in Germany, Mexico, India, Russia, South Africa if it doesn’t crash and burn, and possibly the Philippines.

It’s essentially an international franchise with a proven record. We call it River of Life, and I’ve already got the websites’ uniform livery and look sorted in my head. Think woodcuts and sacred illuminated manuscripts.

Busy, busy, busy, but it keeps me out of the bars, and there’s never a dull moment!

Namaste - David.

Pai used to be heaven, but now it’s just Chinese tourists and 7-Elevens.
I’m six Km outside of the town so, thankfully, I don’t see too many of either.
P.M. me if you come. Maybe we can hit one of those bars…
Occasionally an RW user contacts me here and it’s good to talk shop over a beer.

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Rob - next time I’m up i’d love to hook up for a beer with you.


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