Header Pro - Assigning More Than One H Tag

Hi @tav

I have been playing a little more with the Header Pro stack of late and have come across an idea that may make the stack even more awesome than it currently is.

When using HP it appears that currently only one H tag can be assigned to the entire stack - which includes any additional segments.

This works fine in most situations but could be improved if the additional segments could have their own H tag.

In this way just one HP stack could be used for the vast majority of circumstances where an H1 and H2 are used in the introduction to a paragraph of text - just a thought.

Is this even possible?


The segments are areas of text within the header tag selected. They are designed to allow different font and styling to be applied within one header.

To have different h tags would mean that they could not be inside the main tag (you can’t have an h3 inside an h1 for example) which would make no sense.

If you want more than one header inside a single stack then the correct way to do it would be using Scribe or anther markdown stack.

Thanks for your feedback Andrew your comments are understood.