Header Pro Segments

Hi @Tav, I notice that when Header pro uses a second segment which is set to H1 (2nd segment as subtitle (separate line) they remain inline . If I select both segments as subtitles they separate onto 2 lines. So to create a title with subtitle I use 2 headerPro stacks (h1 & h2) Am I missing something ?

If you just want a title with a subtitle on a separate line then just enable Segment2 and set it to 2nd Segment as a subtitle

Here are the possible configurations, the final one is the same as the third one but with the Segment 1 button switched off.

Is this what you mean?


Yes, it explains it all. I simply went for Seg1 when I needed a subtitle and was confused cos I got 2 subtitles. It never occurred to me to only use Seg2!! Thank you. I checked your Header Pro page for a hint but didn’t find anything . Perhaps you could add this for others ?

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I think the entire subject of separate lines is missing from the product page and the demo as the multi line feature was added later after requests from users. I’ve made a note to add this when the page is next updated.

yea I kept getting that as well :) couldn’t get what I did wrong
Thanx for the post