Header Pro

Can anyone enlighten me about how to apply very basic styling in Header Pro. I’m taling BOLD, Italic etc. I’m probably going to be embarrassed about how easy it is but I’ve only recently begun using Header Pro and can’t seem to find this.

Header Pro creates html header elements (h1-h6) these are not the same thing a s a paragraph <p> element i.e. they are not “styled text”.

By default their styling is controlled by the theme you are using. That being said, HeaderPro does allow you to change the font using Google fonts or FontPro Font Vaults. If you want a bold or italic font you would; set it in the theme, use a Google font or use FontPro.

Thank You Scott. I am not red with embarrassment LOL. It was a little more complicated than I thought :-)

I’ll go look at FontPro.

Headers can accept HTML markup so you can do bold and italic like this

This is some <b>bold text</b> and this is some <em>italic text</em>