HeaderPro BWD, Image badges

Hello everybody,
I have inserted a png file in HeaderPro as Image badges leading, you would like to ask if it is possible instead of png an svg file, precisely an animated svg.
It’s possible?
Thank you.

(Or other solutions?)

You can load an SVG via the warehouse image option in the badge image settings.

You cannot load inline XML code (with optional JS) into an image setting though so if your interactive SVG relies on mouse interactions etc then an image tag is not going to work.

I would also add that given that badge images are tiny (probably less than 96px square) then an animated GIF will almost always be a lot smaller in size that an SVG in this case and the benefits of a scaleable vector would never be noticed.


Unfortunately I searched, but I could not find anything that converts the animated svg to animated gif for me.

Have you tried just loading it as a warehouse image in the badge image settings?

Yes, loading it as svg only the first frame appears. I wish you could see the whole animation, I should convert it to an animated GIF or aPNG, but I don’t know how.

Or I could create everything with a Grid Source, insert the svg and HeaderPro.
But I think it’s complicated in different resolution displays … useless work.
In HeaderPro it’s all so simple.

The blueprint SVG stack has a float setting so you could just put that in front of the header and float it to the left.

I try, thanks

Gif, perfect, thanks for the tip