HeaderPro thanks

Cheers for the update BWD. In the time it took for the update to download and install it turned a WTF moment into a TFFT one! 8-)

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I love those moments.

@tav It’s pretty unbelievable that HeaderPro continues to be evolved. Thanks for the update.

Agreed. If there were only 10 stacks I could use, HPro and PPro would be among them. Actually, that could be a good game.

Scribe beats them both in a fight.

I’m a Markdown fan, but have yet to truly get into this. Can headers in Scribe really do all the lovely things that HeaderPro can?

It would be a good game and I suspect that the same stacks would be in the top 5 for the majority. There would be a lot of toys getting thrown out of the prams if such a list existed.

Ha. An even better game would be to list the top 5 developers who would throw their toys out of the prams if such a top 5 stack list existed (publicly). Again, I suspect everyone would have the same top 5 list of developers.

No. But for 90% of the time Scribe covers everything.

FWIW Scribe has changed the way I work, with lots of things. MD is now my go-to option when it’s available.