Heads up for Invoice Ninja users: Softalicious install now works!

The subject of invoice services crops up from time to time, and I always wade in singing the praises of Invoice Ninja. It’s a bit clunky but once you get your head around it, it’s good (IMO).

The downside is that I’ve never managed to get the open source free version to work. I tried different servers, different ways to install, but always failed. So, ended up using the hosted version, at the soon to go up to price of $10 a month (currently $8).

Invoice Ninja is included with Softalicious on Control Panel, but again, installing from it in the past always failed. (I’ve Googled and it read that installing it in always a bit of a nightmare).

Anyway, on a whim, I just checked it again on Softa, and noticed that the version number and install procedure has changed since I last looked. It’s easier, and above all, now works! Least it did for me. A few clicks and boom, installed and working.

I know the cost of the hosted version has put others off it in the past, as they too have failed to get it installed, so if that was you, and you are still interested in it, and have Softa in the CP, might be worth giving it another bash.

I’m now working out what to spend my $10 a month on.