Headsup: Poss Uikit3 Navbar Transparancy Bug Latest Update And Workaround

I’m not sure how widespread this is, or if it’s a combination of elements on the page that triggers it, but since the last update to UIkit3 I’ve noticed that the transparency setting in Navbar is no longer getting applied to “Hover”.

That means, if you set the Navbar stack to transparent it will appear as such until the mouse hovers over it, then the specified colour for Hover in the settings kicks in.

The simple fix is to simply remove the transparency option and set both the regular and hover background colours to 0% opacity.

So far I’ve picked this up on two of my sites, it might be isolated to those two or more widespread. Not sure, I need to do some checking. But figured worth a post here for others who might experience the same.

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Good point Steve. In my tests both options get the same color, so this should not be an issue on older projects. Indeed if there is an issue the fix is to set the hover option to transparent, which is the default setting if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the clarity.

I do have another question for you (I put this on Slack, but don’t think you are using it anymore?).

Icon List stack: What is it? I think it’s new but can’t find any docs, and it doesn’t seem to do anything!

Icon List is just the list of all icons that are pulled from other stacks that use icons, like the Icon stack itself, the Button, Text and so many others. It should be a hidden stack, but it’s not :(

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