Headups: Pinegrow 6 is out with 25% off

I started using Pinegrow for some non-RW projects a while ago, Tav put me on to it. It’s really bloody good and fairly easy to pickup for the average RW users, even easier for anyone used to Blocs as they work in a very similar way.

Anyway, for anyone looking to start with it, or needing to upgrade, version 6 is now out with 25% off at the moment.



I have it but found it too intricate to use. I must try again

I remember trying it years ago and not getting on with it. Maybe It’s got easier, or I’ve got smarter (highly unlikely!), or more likely, this time around it just clicked.

What I really like about it is the element blocks it now comes bundled with. These are unique to PG and not platform dependent, and really add functionality to any website.

I’m a big fan. Only using about 10% of it’s potential at the moment, but it’s a learning curve that I think is well worth sticking with.

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Available in both world, Mac & MS Windows users, and even more (linux…).
Each one can help, participate on the same project.
What else…

BTW @steveb, there is a UIKit3 plugin for it as well.
Let me know if you are interested, or anyone else for that matter, and I can find the link for it and post it here.

Yes I would be interested in seeing that please

I remember finding a UIkit3 plugin, ut never tried it as it was a purchased addon, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue with PG.

I think I’ve just found the plugin page, but I don;t think anything has been updated since UIkit3 first launched, so it’s pretty dated now.

Unless you know differently @Ricardo ?

Hi @steveb, @alixnotes ,

The UIKit plug-in for Pinegrow has been updated regularly. Last update was on May 17, up to latest version of UIKit. The updates are sent via email. There is also a FB group, UIKIT for Pinegrow.

Here is the website:




One-time purchase or subscription?

It is a one time purchase that gets you free updates until the next major version is released at which point you can upgrade if you wish. If you don’t want to upgrade then your existing version will continue to work ad infinitum.

I have sometimes not upgraded for several years and then got back on to it again. I’ve just upgraded to the latest version for the princely sum of £24. It makes the prices of individual stacks look like a complete rip off - oh wait, they are!

Pinegrow is so nice that I pay to upgrade it even though I don’t use it, just to support the developer.

I plan to keep it up to date just in case I am unexpectedly lobotomised by an industrial injury involving a sausage making machine which would render me unable to type :)


P.S Keep frameworks out of it - it is lovely when bloat free!!!

Funny you should say that, I’m working on a sausage-making stack called SausageThing and am looking for a beta-testa… interested?


Of course. I’ll throw myself into it headlong.

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Pinegrow or the Uikit plugin? Tav gave you the answer for PG, not sure about the plugin.

Does SausageThing come in a veggie version?