Help! Biscuit Box buttons not responding

Hi @juergenbarth Jay,

Some of my sites with Biscuit Box have stopped working properly. The banner is popping up fine but clicking on the buttons is not hiding it? For eg:

Any ideas what may be causing this?

Edit. I’ve updated the link to a dev version and taken BB off the main site for now. Also, it may work first click but as soon as you go to another page the banner is back and un-removable…


Hejsan I tried and the first time I entered the site it worked. Then now when entering it again, it does not work. I tired it in two browsers witht he same result. I have no clue why, I also do not have that stack.

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Cheers @Kent. Yeah, it’s weird. I tried re-uploading the whole site but it’s still not working. Last time I worked on it, about a week ago, it was fine. Something has changed.

Are you talking about the cookie warning?

If so, does it stop any identifiable cookies being installed until the accept button gets clicked? If not, it’s pointless so dump it.

99.999999999999% of these cookie popups are no more gdpr compliant than my underpants and a waste of time.

A proper gdpr compliant cookie warning will stop anything installing a cookie until accept is clicked, and almost no one does that.

For instance, if that page loaded on the url above had a YouTube video on it, by the time the cookie warning pops up the cookie is already installed, so it serves no purpose other than to fool people into thinking they have a choice.

Will woodgatr makes a proper cookie control stack, I used it faithfully for a year, but eventually came to the conclusion that almost no one else, from small RW sites to the BBC, and even the ICO themselves, don’t do cookie control right and break gdpr rules (depending on your interpretation of gdpr and ip addresses) so I decided to join them, stopped bothering with a proper cookie control system and now just use the default RW one.

Suggest you do the same.

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Hi Roger,

I sent you an e-mail.

Best regards,

Ha! You sound quite passionate about it @steveb. tbh I hardly ever click the damn things myself, but wanted to at least seem willing to try and toe the line. Plausible deniability and all that!

My issue here is purely the buttons not making the warning banner vanish.


Thanks for the fast response Juergen. Much appreciated!

The end user of a website is not able to deny functional cookies. If you does not want to have functional cookies installed, he shall not use the website.

I spent two years working on GDPR, and similar time on its many predecessors.

The danger with paying something like GDPR lip service is you make things worse my appearing to offer a solution that is actually nothing of the sort. Which is the case with most of these cookie popup stacks.

By using the words accept and decline you are giving the impression a no cookies will be installed without their consent, which is far worse than just doing it and saying nothing.

My cookie popups informs the users that the site uses cookies and gives them the option to continue or leave. There is no mention of accepting or declining said cookies.


Sorry Jannis, your right, I’m talking about third party cookies. I’m on my phone so keeping replies as short as poss!

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