Help! how do I block Chat GPT from trawling my site

Does anyone know the easiest way in RW to implement a Robots.txt file command to block the ChatGPT bot? I got excited that my web traffic has quadrupled to about 12000 hits a day and then reailsed the 50% of this is from ChatGPT. (See screen grab). As I have a ton of original blog content, I’m not really up for ChatGPT using that to train its next version.
Can I do this in the HT. access file? I’m running the site through Cloudflare, so maybe they have a feauture to do it there?
Any help much appreciated

Hi @Jamie,

There’s a guide here on how to do that. Scroll to the bottom of the topic for a more current robots.txt list. If you have any questions let us know.


Amazing - thank you @RapidWeaver . That was really simple using the .HT access method described.

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