HELP: Major problem in iOS with data input

Calling all experts in HTML/CCS. I need help bigtime!

My website has suddenly become highly disfunctional in iOS.

The issue is the way iOS is handling data input. Everything is fine in any browser in macOS, but on iOS if I type a couple of characters into a data input field only the first one appears immediately. Any additional characters typed will eventually be echoed back, but only after a delay of 10-20 seconds or more. Everything used to work perfectly but, I think, starting with iOS12 this issue crept in.

I’ve created a webpage on my site so you can see the issue:

Could someone PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, take a look to help me understand the problem, and see if there is something I can do to correct the situation?

Background: For years I’ve been using Helmuth Ritzer’s StackApps suite of stacks to create CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality on my websites. Unfortunately and sadly Helmuth has abandoned his project. He used to be excellent to deal with but, sadly, for the past several years he’s gone silent, though his stacks are still downloadable from his website. Last update was for Stacks 2.5, I think, and I pretty sure that some of his implementation decisions have now reached their sell-by date.

Sadly I don’t know of any alternative to StackApps for CRUD applications. What does everyone else use? StackApps may have the learning curve of a rodeo bull, but once one overcomes that, the suite is both comprehensive and useful. \


It appears to be working fine for me in iOS. I’ve just typed frantically into both username and password fields with no delay whatsoever - see video below

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Thank you for checking this out for me. As I mentioned earlier, the problem is intermittent, and, please trust me, on my device it happens every time. I did notice one more behavior–if I scroll the slightest amount when or after typing, the hidden characters appear. So:

Type character 1, it appears
Type character 2->n, they do not display
Scroll minutely, they appear.

Tav, or anyone else, would you mind trying for the misbehavior one more time to see if you can make it happen for you, and if that might lead to an understanding of the problem.

Many thanks!

Typing into the email and password fields works for me here on the latest version of iOS, but the formatting is messed up on an iPhone 5s - see attached.

I have tried it on an iPhone 5S, a 6, a 6S, a 7Plus and a X - all of which work as expected and I do not see any of the behaviour that you are seeing.

I do however agree with @rob.beattie that the page is less than responsive on narrow screens, this does not seem to impact on the correct functioning of the form though.

Thanks for trying Andrew. This is what I feel like when I take the car to the mechanic! However I think I have a workaround, so I’ll pursue that for now.

I completely agree with @rob.beattie and you about the lack of responsiveness on narrow screens. However that complex of two fields and a checkbox is a single stack from StackApps, last updated for Stacks 2.5 and I can’t do anything about its awkwardness on mobile devices. As I said, I’m laboring with this suite because it enables CRUD functionality well and it’s a “take it or leave it” proposition!

Thank you both for your efforts and feedback!

Try this CSS, it will make the input area responsive and stack it at full width below 640px.
You can adjust the breakpoint to suit.

@media screen and (max-width: 640px){
	    padding: 6px 20px!important;
	.LoginDiv label, .LoginDiv input{
	    margin: 0!important;

Hi @JohnS,

As I didn’t see you mention which browser you are using on your mobile device. I have read about weird bugs in other mobile browsers that seem to run slow. Layout of course, is another problem entirely ;)


Andrew: That CSS is great and better still I have been able to learn (at least a bit) to help myself in the future. Thank you. I’m sorry your efforts to reproduce my issue have been frustrating but perhaps that’s a good thing. I’m trying for a workaround and if successful everything will be totally fine.

@Stack-Its: Thanks Bill–I was testing with both Safari and Chrome with identical results. Many thanks for your efforts to help.