Help me stress test Vectera video chat?

I have a Vectera account (video chat and screen sharing etc.) and before I use it for a proper online conference I’d like to stress test it with about half a dozen or so user, all shouting at each other and sharing screens etc.

Who can help?

You don’t need to install any software as it’s all browser based. I just need enough people to join in at the same time (TBA) and then we can all verbally and visually abuse each other for a while.

Who’s up for it and when suits?

Hi Steve

Would be interesting to evaluate this service - count me in.


I’d be happy to chime in if the timing’s right.

I am game for a laugh depending on the time

How about Wed coming, 7pm?

works for me

That 7.00pm UK time? If so, yes, that’s fine.

Irish time ;-)

Steve - please send the link

Morning. Hopefully a few are on for this evening at 7pm UK time. I’ll post a link here to the video room thing, all are welcome, the plan is to break Vectera ;-)

Silly hats are not compulsory, but advisable ;-)

OK, I’ll wait for the link. Can only chime in on an iPad.

Just trying to set it up now, but Vectera seems to have fallen over all on it’s own.

Give me five.

Sounds promising!

Come on Stevie, put the Guinness down…

Sorry gents, looks like Vectera fell at the first hurdle; it’s not letting me set up meeting room. I’m trying to contact support but getting nowhere.

I don’t want to keep people hanging around so let’s call it quits tonight. I’ll try again tomorrow but my instinct is Vectera has shat the bed.


Wait a minute…so who have been talking to these last 15 minutes?!?

No worries, I will be in the pub tomorrow night, so good luck

Good stress test ;)

Hi Steve,

The best way for conference streaming is Vimeo 100%, all the big players are using this for streaming their live conferences and its been instrumental in the hybrid/virtual world.

To be honest - I was just coming on here to see who has done it on Rapidweaver and if so - how do they find it?
I will start looking into this side of things with conference landing pages etc as its getting to be big in the new conference world.