Help me test a new members section: Sitelok users

Afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

I’ve embarked on building a members section for the Template Repo site, lots of rather exciting features getting added over the next few months (god, that sounds so RW!).

I’m kinda Ok with Sitelok, but only just, so I’d appreciate some testers to try things out as I add them.

If you have experience of using/managing Sitelok and want to help leave a note below and I’ll add you to a private chat message.


Completed a SiteLok members ecommerce site a few months ago - including members-only discount store pages, SiteLok/PayPal subscriber and membership plans. Any use? Happy to help with the setup.

Thanks, message sent.

It works! Well done.

Are you going to use !!!username!!! or !!!firstname!!! to personalise the emails and login/log out page breadcrumb?


I’ve not looked at the emails yet. Just using defaults. What is this breadcrumb you speak of?

I’ve used Sitelok quite a bit if you need some more eyes.

Happy to help out as well. I’m a long-time Sitelok user (lol, who hires Adrian to write any extra code for me- that’s not my thing…and his fees are extremely reasonable).

Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 17.17.19