Help pinning header to base of image

Hi I’ve been asked to create this -

I create a header at the top of an image - use a column with the image as a background and put the header inside (black text white opaque bgd ) but need advice on how to pin the header to the base of a stack/column,

Maybe a CCS class like

.header_bottom {position: absolute; bottom: 0px;}

might help

I have done this for a client with the overlap canvas 1LD - if you prefer a stack…

To add to @Avzw : you could also use Will’s @willwood banner stack for achieving this: BannerStack | Stacks4Stacks

Assign a class to the column:

.relative-container {

Assign a class to the text block:

  position: absolute;
  bottom: 0;
  z-index: 2;
  width: 60%; /*or whatever*/
  background-color: white

You could of course simply use the STH Srcerer image stack - use the “Add Content” feature - choose where the content is to go (in your case the bottom) and you have your issue solved.

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For Source users, you would just add the Header into a Coder stack and add 1 Utlillity class name.