Help with a technical error message? - SOLVED

I’m getting an error message on this page -

Error: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line

To give a bit of background, this is a site that a client decided to move from Chillidog to Bluehost. I provided a full backup and they did the rest. The page did not give this error before the move. Bluehost says it’s a coding issue but the only suggestion they’ve made is to ask whether the page uses node.js. I of course, have idea.

It’s a long shot but I wondered if someone here might look at it and go “Simple, here’s what you do…”

Yours in hope,


I think a good move would be to delete that server restored backup that the client did, and then load the site yourself. At least then you will know the backup is loaded correctly.

Bluehost did the restore, so I’m hoping they know what they’re doing. A re-publish is worth a look though. Thanks.

Still interested to know if anyone recognises what the error message is referring to.


The code looks messed up to me.

Whether Bluehost did a good restore of good data is unknown. If you do it yourself you will eliminate what they have done.

Finally tracked it down to an old version of GoCMS. Once updated to GoCMS Unlimited using the new-style key, the error message has gone. Happy days. Please scratch that support query @yabdab.


Will do 😉