Help with anchor offset needed

Hi, I am using Foundry and the anchor stack. I need to add an offset, otherwise the content will be covered by the menu bar Can someone please help me with some CSS to add to the class to achive this?

class='stacks_in com_elixir_stacks_foundryAnchor_stack'

Thank you :-)

Can you just add top margin to the anchor stack?

it will still jump to the top of the topmargin :-) so that will not work, unfortunately.

Have you fiddled with the “distance” setting? I can’t remember if that will help or not. Documentation says:

Distance & Top Margin
Used to adjust the placement of your icon in relation to your other content. You can adjust these settings while in preview mode to see how it affects their positioning.

Haha! I had just this problem the other day. And solved it! It’s really bloody simple when you think about it.

First, get BWD Blueprint. Then put the anchor in a BP stack and click the overlap option. Make sure to select Pull Up in the Overlap options. Adjust the amount of overlap to suit.

Here’s one I made earlier. Transfer - Dropbox

EDIT: Before anyone says… The Foundry Overlap stack won’t work, as it pulls everything up, not just the Anchor.


Great - thank you. This is a very nice solution!

Hi, I am not using an icon, but thank you!

Ah, my bad. I wan’t fully paying attention. I knew I could do this kind of control on a similar stack: Vert Tabs and was just glancing for something vaguely similar on the Anchor stack. Apologies.

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An even simpler method is to use the Magic Marker stack from BWD where you can specify both desktop and mobile offsets - works a charm and used extensively by myself.


Ha! I must have missed that. Don’t even think I have that stack. Will check later. Cheers.

Steve - you certainly do have it - it is part of the MagicGellan Stacks

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Does it work outside foundation?

Just tested, it does. I’ve made a new version of that little project to include a 2nd page using Magic Marker.

Good call @paul.rowe


Great, thank you ! 🍀