Help with bevel and paragraph pro

Need help with Bevel and Paragraph Pro.

I’m trying to get em to look like the various demos like Drop Caps on PPro. Also, like the version in the attachment.
Or get a picture into the Bevel stack but can’t seem to figure it out.
I’m using the Foundry 2 architecture.

Just download the demo project - it is what was used to make the demo site. It contains your example above and much more.

Here is the Foundation version downloaded, opened and upgraded to RW8/RWC and the theme changed to Foundry.

Edit mode on right → preview on left

As for Bevel, I’d need to know some more details of what you are trying to do with the images.


Thanks Andrew. I’ll download the demos on ParagraphPro.
I’m guessing I should probably do the same with Bevel and mess with that, right?