Help with Container Settings?

I know what the container settings are, but unsure how to use them most effectively. What are the container settings you use most for the main content of your page? I’m using Foundry.
Such as your setting for:

  1. Layout “Fill Mode”
  2. General “Type”
  3. General “Max-Width”
  4. General “Max-Width Units”
  5. Allow “Overflow”?

Thank you for your insight.

It has been a while since I last used Foundry but I recall that the Container was used to set the width of stuff you add to a page. If for example, you add a Paragraph stack to a blank page, the text will go edge to edge and will look better and be more readable if you set a width for it, using the Container stack.

P.S. The Foundry system is IMHO, somewhat strange and needs to be fully understood to get the most out of it. Eg. The Container stack has a Fixed Width setting which is really a Maximum Width, and the Fluid setting really means that the contents will go right to the edges beyond the set page width.

It gets complicated when you want to add a background and padding, because you have to use 2 further stacks called Backdrop and Margins and remember which goes inside each one. (Margins is really Margin and Padding). The solution is to put the Margins stack inside the Container stack inside the Backdrop stack.

One further thing, is that Foundry still has the old Stacks3 backgrounds, margins, padding, borders, etc. settings just to add to the potential confusion.

The part that has me puzzled is choosing the maximum width of the Container Stack. I’ve seen suggestion from less then 1140px up 2048px. What are your thoughts on choosing the container size?



As a side note, I have Source and all their goodies, but for some reason I get intimidating, confused when I try to make the switch to Source.

There is no right answer. It depends on your site design. Do you want the content spread across the entire width of the window, or do you want it to only occupy a smaller, center portion of the width?

If you have Source then use Source. The Source Container and Container Plus is the best you will find in RW.

Regarding the width, think of it as a Maximum Width. With a Source container, setup a Container Base with a padding of say 80px top and bottom and 20px on the sides and then add a 60px top and bottom and 10px for the sides for devices under 600px. Then set the Max Width to something under the Max Width set in the main settings - usually 1140px. Set to say 1000px or 900px. This will make plain text more inreresting to look at. Use this Container as you main content holder or block throughout your design and paste into the page when adding more content.

Source also has a very handy second Alt Max Width. Want to added colour BGs, Custom CSS BG’s including Video, gradient colours, etc - no problem as this is all done in the Source Container.

Try posting to the Foundry forum to get more help if needed.