Help with content ideas

I am asking for your opinion. There is no right or wrong answer, only your answer.

I am writing a very lengthy article. On the surface the main content is sort of a story. However multiple times through the story I want to highlight or pull out certain truths or morals to the story. Rabbit trails if you will. This is where it gets complicated for my brain.

How do I present these “rabbit trails? Visually my hope is to make them easy to navigate and enticing to read? Of course content wins, that’s totally on me.

I thought about a single page website with accordions to expand if you choose to read them. I also thought about standard text links to new pages. What do you think? Other ideas?

I am posting this in multiple forums so if you see it repeated, no need to answer more than once.

The editorial convention of pulled out quotes works well. There are so many ways of doing this, and a browse through long-form magazines will provide lots of inspiration. If you want to bring up the material in another window, the most obvious way to do it would be with a modal. Andrew’s Limelight and PopDrop are impressive, versatile and reliable tools, but there are also lots of interesting modal stacks out there — Elixir, 1LD and Weavium have products which do some whizzy animations when launched. My suggestion would be to combine both of these approaches — break the text up with elegant pulled out quotes, and incorporate a ‘show more’ button or link which opens a modal.

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