Help with Designer, again ;-)

I’m back to a problem `i keep hitting, and there always seems to be a different solution each time, but this time, again, I can’t get it, and it should be so bloody simple!

In designer, I just want to drop crop the image to remove the text under the logo. It just ain’t happening! Previously, I’ve been guided to the toolbar bit in top right, to create a shape behind the logo, select one of these tools, and boom. But nope, just not working out.

I’ve even dropped the image into Photo, cropped it, saved it, then opened it in Designer. The artboard is now the right size but the bloody text is still there.

Sorry, again, but help, again :-)

By the way, in photoshop this task takes about a millisecond. What the frigging hell does Designer make it so bloody difficult?


Off the top of my head, I can’t guide you through Designer.

However, Adobe (Macromedia) Fireworks you would use the Pro tool. Adobe in their infinite wisdom decided that nobody would use such a too and to got dropped.

In Graphic App there is also no Crop tool but a quick and simple solution, which should work in Designer, is to draw a no fill box over the area you want to crop. Select the box and the image and then use the Intersect tool to “crop” the part you want. Then use the Image plugin to resize the canvas to the selection. Takes 4s max.

That’s the bit with the toolbar top right that I mentioned above, but it no worky.

I’m just having a shit day. Internet up and down like a manic depressives mood swings. And it’s Friday, and I’m not meant to be working on a Friday.

You could either ‘edit in Photo’ or alter your document size.

I agree this is an annoyance in Designer.

drag an artboard around the image you want to keep and export itartboard

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Ha! That works. You can also create the new artboard, copy and select create new from clipboard.

So simple.

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for,