Help with Limelight, again!

I just don’t understand why I just can;t get my head around Limelight, but it remains to be the case. It’s not like it’s unusually hard, I guess I’m just unusually stupid!

So, here is the page:

The idea is you click the button and a LL opens in an SP. At present, the SP just contains a header but it will eventually contain a form. I’m making this as the basis of my new T&C’s.

Problem is, I can’t get the LL to open in the SP. I can get it to open in a modal, but not the SP. I always struggle with this aspect of LL!

I’m pretty sure my settings are sorted: Screenshots attached.

Help :-)

Scale height!


(Just got that in before the master posts his reply :-) )

For starters you have duplicate limelights that have the same launch id of accept

I’m not sure what you are trying to do but do you really need multiple limelight stacks - maybe so if they are all targeted at different sections in the final thing. If not then they can all be done with one Limelight that has multiple content stacks.

Multiply? Nope, just the one. Unless the published page has been messed up and needs a full republish.

I’ve sorted it now though, I hadn’t set the scale height setting correctly. It’s the same thing that trips me up every time. I’ve made a demo project now!


EDIT: I think I know where the multiply LL’s thing is coming from, the screenshots? That’s actually four different pics, just on the screen here and now some line up so well that it appears like one long one!

Sorry, the confusion of multiple screenshots that have no space between them - it looked like a single edit mode page.

See my edit above!