Help with my banner?

My site at seems to be having a bit of a temperamental issue with the banner. When visiting the site for the first time, or when clearing the cache, the banner appears as intended. However, when I visit one of the other pages and then go back to the home page, the banner contracts so I can only see the navigation arrows.

I’m using Will Woodgate’s Volcano theme along with his Freestyle 2 stack with BX Slider template. This seems to happen with Safari, Firefox and Chrome, so not a browser specific issue.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Confirmed. I see the issue too. It’s not just a caching ghost.
Seems like the order things load or don’t load is trigger the JS to do something strange.

I think this is probably one for @willwood – at least to shed some light on what’s happening during the page/image load.


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Is version 4 giving you the same problem?

Hi Will, I’ve just updated to version 4 and the problem still seems to be there.

Thanks for replying.



The webpage still contains FreeStyle 2.

My guess is that you have installed version 4 and are not using it, and / or you have publishing problems and the changes you are trying to make are not being published to the live site for us to see.

I tried to make the changes on Premier Inn free WiFi, but will have a look again when I get home.

Should I not be using Freestyle 2?

FreeStyle 2 is several years old. I know for sure there are places where it does not work. The BX Slider configuration is defiently wonky. I keep it available because there are people using some of the other configurations (like embedded video) and those continue to work fine for them.

FreeStyle 3 kept BX Slider as its slideshow codebase, but moved away from the Stacks ‘repeats’ API, which is now depreciated.

FreeStyle 4 was a complete rewrite. An entirely new stack with emphasis purely on creating attractive image sliders.

Updating has sorted it Will. I knew it would be something simple.

I don’t know what you think of it, but the site is made exclusively using your stuff (and RW+Stacks obviously).

Where do I get Freestyle 4? I only have Freestyle 2 and on the S4S page, the download only gives ver 2.

From here:

@willwood OMG you opened a veritable floodgate of useful stacks that I will definitely use in my Themeflood themes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Even though I’ve used several of your themes and read the knowledgebase, I never came across this webpage. Glad I asked about Freestyle 4!