Help with my stacks folder

I hope someone can help me :-)

I moved my stacks in another folder on iCloud to use only the one that I use : Source and a few other ones.
I made a mistake and they do not appear anymore in the folder.
So I looked at Yourhead’s video about the stacks folder, did everything from scratch and it still does not work
I can create a Stacks page, the plugin exists but appart from the original stacks, I see no other one. Though, In the addons window, they appear.

This is my new Stacks folder.
What do I do wrong?
I tank you all in advance for your help :-)


In RW Preferences - Addons, is RW pointing to that folder? If you click the “Reveal in Finder” button does that folder open. RW may just be pointing to the wrong folder. You can change it on that preference pane.

Thank you DHL

Yes I chose this folder in the Addons prefs


I finally found a saved folder with what I need, pointed to that folder, and it works.

Post closed :-)