Help with Poster 2 Social sharing buttons

I’m loving Poster 2, but I can’t get the social sharing buttons to show up. All I get is:


Here’s my blog:

I worked my way through the social media help file, I’m at the limits of what I understand and could use some help. Any ideas?

Any tips and advice are much appreciated.

Chris Phelps

Hi Chris,
Did you place them inside Poster Stack?

Hi Chris, totally separate and unrelated note, but I’m a guitarist as well, so checked out your site. It looks great, but I noticed you don’t seem to have https turned on so your site will show as not secure. Your host should provide a ‘lets encrypt’ certificate free of charge.

I think so. I’ve tried them multiple places all with the same result. I put one in the template like the help file recommended, and I put them in each blog post at the bottom. Thanks for your help.


It’s outside the template.

Activate the dropzone areas as described here and add the share icons inside one of them:

Thank you! That solved it for me. Your explanation was perfect. It just took me a few days to get a chance to try it.

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Hi Jannis, sorry but I can’t find to add the share icons.
What am I doing wrong?

Drag and drop them from the stacks library.

Will add them there as directly selectable for next update.

Right, in the simplest way, I hadn’t thought of this … Thanks

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