Hep me with monitors (again)

I’m looking another monitor, but only want 24in, as it’s going to used in a small work area.

On my main desk I’ve a 27in iMac and a couple of 4k 27in monitors. All work fine. I googled for “4k 24in monitor” and there is almost nothing. But, I recall reading that typically 24in monitors are not 4k, but something else, maybe 3k?

In truth, I don’t even understand the whole “K” thing. So really, all I want is a good 24in monitor with the same crispness as my 27in jobbies, so what should I be searching for?

If it helps, I run all three 27in screens at 2560x1440. I realise I can go bigger on those numbers, but then everything on the screen is too small!

Done some reading up, and I think the terms for what I want is either 2k, or Quad HD (QHD). Correct?

If so, does this monitor sound OK…

(And I know it’s Amazon Spain. It’s for delivery to a Spanish address).

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Use following app to control the screen resolution:

I do! I think it was you who originally told me about it.

I saw that HP monitor too. Not sure if there is much of a difference though.

You’ll get the possibility to switch to retina on a 4K screen. If it’s just a small price difference, I would always go for a higher pixel density.

Ya, maybe, but I can’t see text at 4k on a 27in screen, let alone a 24in one!

Therefore you have to change the resolution with above linked app to a smaller one (or with the inbuilt display system preferences) so that the text is larger, but more crisp.

Hello all, finally a q I can participate in.
A 4k monitor is (usually) 3840 x 2160px, if you run that at a lower res at anything other than 1920x1080 you’ll get blurry images.
If you run a 4k at 2560x1440 then each of the 2560 pixels sent by your mac will cover 1.5 pixels but, as you can’t have 1/2 a pixel lit your stuff will fluctuate between 1 and 2 px depending on where it is on the screen…ie, it’ll be blurry. The only ‘perfect’ res to run a 4k at that isn’t native is 1920x1080 (1px from the mac = 2px on the screen).

For a 24-27" I’d get a 2560x1440 and run it at that (native) res, that way 1px from your mac = 1px on the screen.

Gamers often go for a lower res 1920x1080 as the PC can then push higher fps to the lower res screen.

I’m currently sitting in front of a 27" 4K running at 2560x1440 at work and I have a native 27" 2560x1440 at home … the difference is noticeable, my monitor at home is much clearer.

As a mac user, you’ll want to make sure the monitor has Display-Port or Thunderbolt 4(rare) other than that it comes down to spec’s, reviews and ££££££



Hey, long time no speak. What’s the craic?

Got sorted with a monitor. Found the same one I have on my desk. An LG 27in, Bigger than planned, but half price at €150 as it was a return with damage to stand. I’ve got spare stands here, so bingo!

Good news with the monitor.
I’m still doing the 3D stuff though things have slacked of a bit with punters not buying new stuff due to them not having enough 1st borns to sacrifice to the mortgage gods….ef knows what 2023 will bring.
Though a couple of my pano tours are up for some pointless awards this Friday, of course it’s not me/my employer who’ll get the credit that’ll be the client …. Assuming they’re sober enough to collect it.


This won’t help anyone who has already bought a Mac but I reluctantly bought an M1 iMac because it was cheaper than buying a Mac Mini and a decent monitor. However, the screen is a very decent 4480 x 2520 and the camera is better than I’d expected from the reviews.

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Apologies, late again!

Glad @TemplateRepo is sorted. For reference, a good 24" monitor should be 2560 x 1280px as a minimum. For 27" ideally ‘4k’ (4,000px wide, nominally) or 3840 x 2160px.

I have on my desk a 27" 5k iMac ( 5120 x 2880px) together with an old Apple Thunderbolt display. Also 27", but only 2560 x 1280px. To check pictures quickly, the old screen is fine, but for text, I only work on the iMac screen as it is so much sharper and easier to read (set at 125 or 150% in Pages / IA Writer or any other app).

Another benefit of having the 2 screens is to check web pages on an average screen v one the best.