Hiding a grid item on mobile

Hey Stuart, I am using your 5-Grid Spiral partial (with the default settings you have set up). The 4 surrounding items are links to pages, and the centre is going to be a logo. I don’t really need the logo when it stacks on mobile so I was wondering if there is a way to hide that grid item?

A related (but not all that important) question - can I disable the ‘raise on hover’ for one of the grid items? I like the movement to indicate that there’s a link, but don’t really need it for the centre item.

Sorry there’s no url to share yet.
Here’s my Grid Plus setting. I’m assuming there’s a way to specify in the Cols template but I’m too thick to figure it out

hi @jabostick - there’s no setting in the stack (yet) to hide a grid item at a certain breakpoint. I will be adding that soon though.

At the minute you can hide the logo at a certain breakpoint - this might suffice but if you have padding / borders added then these would still show for that item. It could also be done with CSS as you can add a custom class to the item - I can give you code for that if you need.

Also no setting currently to disable / activate the raise on hover for individual items. Again though this could be done with css.