Hit and Miss Anchor Tags

I have a news page which is getting long so now need to add anchor tags for external social media links. I’m using Joe’s anchor tag stack and it works fine - some of the time in some browsers. Other times it scrolls way past the news item where it should stop. Not had time to do much experimenting yet so can’t be more precise.

News items generally have a Scribe stack with ‘Read More’ enabled. Could this be throwing the link?

Each news item is in its own 1 column stack, and all sit collectively within one Source container stack.

Should I perhaps be putting each news item in its own container, completely separate from each other/

Any thoughts welcome.

Put each item in a Source Container and add your anchor name to each containers anchor setting. No need to use any other stack. Eg enter newsitem1 into the anchor setting and then url/#newsitem1 for the url.

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Completely forgot the Source containers have an anchor setting! I can’t even remember why I used 1 column stacks either - must be the heat getting to me. Thanks for that @Webdeersign


Or you could of course use a Coder to set the anchor tag, just to make things even lighter.

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