Home VR setup

Any of you folks dabble in VR? I’m completely new but have been wondering about it for the kids (and for me, who am I kidding). Is there a way to properly get into it without it costing an arm and a leg?

Curious: What is Home VR?

Virtual reality (like video games) at home. Home isn’t a brand (if the capitalization made it look like that)

My life has been virtual reality ever since I got involved in this weirdo world of RapidWeaver. I keep hoping its just a nightmare and I’m going to wake up.


I took the kids to a VR business as a christmas gift and it was super fun. I couldn’t get over, though, my one daughter’s favourite game was this office simulator where you sat in a cubicle and performed random office tasks. There was humour involved but I couldn’t get over that, of the vast options and simulated worlds to choose from, she chose the one I spend 5 days of my week suffering through

OK, gotcha.

A cheaper alternative might be to do some magic mushrooms or LSD or summit. Most likely more fun too.


I have the Oculus Rift and I love it. The Oculus Quest and Oculus S should be released sometime in the next couple months.

I plan to get the Oculus Quest when it releases so that I can have a wire free, stand alone unit, with 6 degrees of freedom. It’s going to be great!

Yeah I just found out about the Quest after I posted this. I don’t have a computer capable of running VR off of it right now so it looks as if it’d be a pretty steep investment up front to get a Rift. The Go didn’t have glowing reviews if you were using it for games. Quest sounds like a good middle ground

I might be wrong but I don’t think there’s any vr capability in macOS at the mo so your going to need a Windows machine.
The current headsets have no computational power themselves so rely on the pc and specifically the graphics card. You realistically need an Nvidia gtx1070 as a minimum.
The oculus is a Facebook product so that’s almost an instant no go, the Vive is good but requires receivers/trackers that need to be mounted on walls or stands.
There are cheaper alternatives called WMR (Windows mixed reality) headsets, they still need a decent pc/graphics card but are self contained thus don’t need external trackers and are made by the likes of Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo etc.
I’ll be getting a WMR set once we get a new laptop so that we can walk around our 3D models.


So after all this to and fro it turns out that @steveb’s suggestion of mushrooms is by far the best option.


Just need some Flintstones Chewable Mushrooms for the kids


I got the boys a shared gift of an Occulus Rift and all the parts to build a nice VR capable PC. Then we spent Christmas day building a computer and setting it up.

It’s fun – and to me seem truly and deeply amazing. The tech is very very very good. But there are not so many games. There are still a few games that get played regularly (beat saber is really good), but as a dollar-per-play investment, it wasn’t a very good one. You could probably buy two Xboxes, then flush $300 more down the toilet, and still get better value for money. LOL

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I have the PSVR and absolultey love it so do my 2 daughters. There’s tons of games for it (look at the VR part of the playstation store). And lots coming soon too… Like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IJgh1Vvtgc you can get good deals on Ebay too…

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