Homepage is displayed slowly

BWD is so wonderful. However, it is slow when measured with “googlespeed”.
Value before using BWD: mobile speed 86
After using BWD: mobile speed 58
Are there any measures?

Hello and welcome :)

It would be very useful if you could provide a link for your site. Google’s page speed is an interesting first look at things but is not always the best measure for sites, especially those built with RW.

In adding the BWD stacks (which ones?) was additional content added that might not be so great on mobile?

Any extra information will help others be able to help you

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@TKslot All my stacks are designed to be very low impact on the published page and produce the most efficient code possible.

As @pmjd says, which stack in particular did you add? Did you add any images to the stack via its settings and if so how big was it / they.

One stack or even a large image would be unlikely to have such a huge effect on a page score. Google page speeds are very subjective in the way that they are measured and can often be triggered by render blocking scripts and other combinations of things on the page.

To get to the bottom of this could publish two test pages for me to look at with just that one stack different and no other changes at all please.