Hosting renewal charges

Just a heads up, I have 7 sites hosted with, I’ve just had my first renewal reminder for 2023 - A 37% increase (was £62 last year, £85 for 2023-4). Now transferring all my domains to HostingUK (£69 for 2 years)

They’re horribly expensive. I mean, 13 euros a month for 200GB storage and one daily backup is nuts.

I pay 7.35 euro/mo for “unlimited storage” (the FUP caps it off at about 750GB), unlimited data and 7 backups per day (with a 60 day retention), with up to 15 domains pointing towards it.


Yes I also had a lot of sites on I transferred most of them to other hosting companies. I have 7 left at I do not understand their pricing policies.

I highly recommend Tekeez. Competitive prices, fantastic support and understand RW users at every level.

All my client websites and email are hosted by these guys over many years. Worth a few minutes looking at their services:

Then have a chat with @richard

Thanks Geoff , we certainly can accommodate any kind of hosting, and have a great control panel with lots of easy to use features. We can also provide extras for RW4All members for free too, so do send me a message if you need anything. All our hosting comes with our personal support too and we are also RW site builders :)

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Do be aware that if your hosting company is outside your legal jurisdiction and it collects personal information there are data collection requirements for the UK (GDPR). Lots of other countries now have data collection legal requirements.

I’ve hosted for the last 20 years in the US, but now need to change that as I’m in the UK.

And your host is? I’m currently at Vimexx and quite content.

Erwin (too 😉)

Yup, Vimexx here too.


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