Hot Lead: Any Shopify/alternative experts here?

I’ve had an enquiry from a business in Dublin, I can’t help them, they really need a Shopify site, or something similar.

They are a fashion clothing importer/distributor who wants to launch a B2C site. They have several thousand SKU’s and want live stock reporting.

I’ve suggested Shopify as it’s the main one I’ve heard of, but other platforms will do if it can handle the quantity of SKU\s they have and offer the same functionality.

You don’t need to be based in ROI, but must be able to work in euros.

If this is your bag message here or DM and I’ll pass your details on.

These guys are big players, so no “I might be able to do that” types please, they need someone with a solid understanding of the platform in question with a proven track record of setting up and maintaining high volume e-commerce sites, ideally in the fashion sector.